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RustyShackleferd thumbnail
RustyShackleferd To tell you the truth, I have missed the general over the top metal from Norway, and this release affirms what I have missed from the grandiosity. There is feel and warmth. Favorite track: Angst.
xavage thumbnail
xavage Je vais voyager en grand format avec cet album, aux accents prodigieux et qui trace une "mindmap" fantastique. C'est riche, ça part dans tous les sens, ça repousse toutes les prévisions. C'est original et j'aime. Favorite track: Bane.
Omega Walrus
Omega Walrus thumbnail
Omega Walrus Probably nothing in music has affected me the way late nineties Symph Black Metal did. Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle were (and still) are my favorite genre of all time, sadly losing some of the freshness and lustre with the passing years. But with the veterans from Arcturus doing stuff like this album, I can see nothing has been lost. The greats from Scandinavia are still alive and kicking ass. My favorite album from these crazy Norwegians. Favorite track: Game Over.
H.L. thumbnail
H.L. I follow Arcturus since my early days as metal fan. They were always something special and presented high quality stuff for the open minded. As I thought, they had disappeared forever like so many great bands of the mid 90s, I was more than happy to notice their latest release. Again a great album and another milestone in the history of this extraordinary avantgarde dark black project. Favorite track: Game Over.
espen sperrevik
espen sperrevik thumbnail
espen sperrevik What a great album Album of the year so far. A lott of variasjon. From Fantastic melody to hard raw metal whit litle bit of elektronica, and epic metal
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Arcturus are legend

Unparalleled in creativity, musicianship and artistic approach since their foundation days, mastermind Steinar "Sverd" Johnsen and his cosmic crew consisting of past and present members of bands like Ulver, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar and Ved Buens Ende have been dancing their very own tightrope between genius and madness ever since. With each of their releases being an interstellar journey of its own, and always ahead of their time, Arcturus can justifiably be labelled as the epitome of avant-garde metal.

"Arcturian" is Arcturus' first studio album in ten years, and the announcement of its release may take many a fan by surprise. But the first spin of the album will turn doubts into sheer bliss. As the title indicates, Arcturus return with their quintessential work. Veined by the band's generic boundless creativity, "Arcturian" is a setting-to-music of both the sublime and beauty of outer space, uniting grandeur and filigree in their inimitable way, yet always being daring and unpredictable, just as the magnificent artwork designed by Costin Chioreanu in close collaboration with the band. With what is doubtlessly their strongest album of the millennium, Arcturus prove once and for all that for them nothing but the sky is the limit!

Knut Magne Valle says on the album: "'Arcturian' contains elements from entire Arcturus' history and as a result it is both harder and softer than ever before. We went back to real drums, real strings and 'first take' improvised guitar solos to give it an authenticity and life that not many records tend to have these days. We worked hard to mix the old Arcturus sound into the newer material and the result was: We obtained a more homogeneous, mystic Arcturus sound picture."

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released May 8, 2015



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